Russia-Ukraine war: 3 things we can do to stop it

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Russia is at war with its neighbour and its former state Ukraine. Ukraine says that ‘full-scale invasion’ by Russia is under way, as explosions are reported in multiple cities across the country. By the evening of 24 February 2022, at least 40 people have been reportedly killed. By 25 February 2022, clashes with Russian forces have been reported in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. By 17 March 2022, at least 108 children have been killed in Ukraine, 3 million people have been displaced and most recently, Russian artillery killed 21 people in a Ukrainian town near Kharkiv.

This might me just the beginning of a long, gory fight that might involve other powerful countries like China, France, Germany, the USA and the UK. The global stock markets have already started crashing, pushing the world to the brink of a catastrophe in the form of Third World War. The harsh economic sanctions on Russia are bound to have ripple effects on everyone in the world.

This not only means a long, unwanted upheaval in the Russian geopolitical region and a possible rise in oil prices and other commodities across the world, but also a grim sign of possible loss of hundreds or thousands of precious lives—both civilian as well as military in both the countries.

This is the possible beginning of yet another worst chapter in future history of the world. And the military in both sides of the boarder has simply turned itself into a destructive robot at the command and control of a few politicians.

Should this war have happened in the first place? Can we do something to stop this war?

What lessons did we learn from wars?

Wars are never solutions because one war won means another war invited.

What Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing today was done by hundreds of other arrogant, power-hungry emperors, kings and dictators in the past. What they achieved from such wars is clear in front of us today. People supporting wars are just ignoring the precious lessons from history.

Wars are unwanted, avoidable, destructive answers to eradicable, seemingly-permanent, human problems. Humans have forever fallen prey to the so-called eternal problems of #poverty, #inequality, #racism, #supremacism, #casteism, #bigotry, #intolerance and power-tussle.

These human problems can never be addressed through wars, genocides and violence, because one war won means another war invited. The winners will always encourage the losers to get even, and this leads to the vicious cycle of destruction.

In spite of this, humans still tend to take on the path to wars.

So what is the solution to reject this bellicosity and war mentality?

Solutions to wars

The only permanent solution to war mentality is hastening our #spiritual #evolution.

We need to hasten our #spiritual #evolution to a level where most of us could realise the #futility, #foolishness and #artificiality of these problems. This is the minimum level of #civilisation that the #Kardashev scale would possibly mark as Type I and our Creator would possibly mark as civilisational infancy.

How to hasten spiritual evolution?

I have been writing on this topic for the past two years or so. In fact my small-time effort of #SpiritualitywithRanjit has been primarily tasked to raise the spiritual awareness of people.

In several previous posts, I have laid down some of these steps as possible ways to raise our spiritual awareness and possibly hasten our spiritual evolution:

  • Start working towards #interfaith #harmony, interfaith #charity and interfaith #prayers
  • View all humans as the creations of the same gender-neutral, territory-neutral, religion-neutral, species-neutral, formless, all-pervading, omniscient, omnipotent, omnific, omnipresent, omnibenevolent, omniactive, Supreme Being
  • Start recognising inclusiveness, harmony, peace and non-violence as the only ways approved by our Creator to get out things done
  • Respect people, respect animals, respect plants, respect nature and preserve our planet
  • Revisit, reinterpret and re-write (if required) our scriptures to accommodate inclusiveness, harmony, peace and non-violence
  • See empiricism, rationalism, skepticism, science and critical thinking as God-gifted faculties instead of obstacles to spiritual attainment

Ways to avert Russia-Ukraine war

First of all, let us all agree that it is not going to be easy to convince Putin against escalating this war-like situation further.

Of course, he is not expected to read this article and stop war immediately!

So, what are the three things that we can do?

  • The first and foremost is to change our perception about Putin. He is as human as we are, but only spiritually less evolved. (He proved his position in the evolutionary curve through his actions!) He is only a product of the war mentality—the mentality that approves of violence as a solution to actual or perceived injustices.
  • Identify the people and institutions that have Putin in their circle of influence. These may include Putin’s immediate deputies, the Russian ministers, military leaders and senior bureaucrats, the national and international media as well as the other world leaders.
  • Raise online petitions to persuade the people and institutions that have Putin in their circle of influence to build national and international pressure against Putin’s actions. It will become easy for these people to reach out to Putin to convince him against war, provided they consider Putin a human at a lower rung on the path to spiritual evolution.

I proposed the above points way back on 24 February 2022, when the war had hardly began. But they still hold good.

In fact the economic sanctions slapped on Russia by the world community are a logical outcome of my second point mentioned above.

Now that the war is still continuing, our priority should be to help the affected people in whatever way we can.

How to help the affected people

Linktree has put up a list of verified organizations providing urgent support to the people of Ukraine through their #StandWithUkraine campaign.

You can access the list by clicking on the Act Now banner at the bottom of our Linktree.

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5 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine war: 3 things we can do to stop it

  1. I wish we had more people in the world (or at least in close contact with the Russian leaders) who shared the same school of thought as you in regard to war, Ranjeet. And that will happen only when people adopt spirituality-based approach whilst parting ways with ego-based thinking.
    The scariest part about this whole situation is the fact that there is a real chance that this war might be the precursor to World War III. It’s high time that more and more nations and international peace organisations come forward to bring this catastrophe in making to an end right now.
    Hoping and praying for more peace in the world. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! 🌺 I completely agree with you that we need more and more people to adopt spirituality-based approach whilst parting ways with ego-based thinking. I am afraid, World War III will only lead to complete extinction!


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